Sugar Springs Plat Map
Sugar Spings Plat Map
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1. Highlander
2. Sir Richards
3. Kings
4. Huntington
5. Winchester
6. Islander
7. Manchester
8. Fairfield
9. Queens
10. Lancer
11. N. Westchester
12. S. Westchester
13. Hamilton
14. Salisbury
15. Berkshire
16. Lakeside
17. Castleview
POA Office
Activities Building
Tennis Courts
Basketball Court
Archery Range
Swimming Pool
Pro Shop
Swim Area
Rest Rooms
Service Dock
Beach Club
Boat Docks
Boat Launch
Bath House
Picnic Area
Sugar Springs, it's population and industry, has grown tremendously. One hundred years ago, the heart of the community was called "Millsville". Millsville had a
railroad, school house and post office, all centered near what was then called "Shotgun Corners" -- better known today as the corner of Grass Lake and Butman Roads.
Several families lived in Millsville and the lumber company, railroad and farming were the main industries in this community. This community was secluded from the
industral revolution of the day and unfortunately, it's seclusion lead to it's demise and Millsville eventually stopped growing.

Over sixtly years later (in the later 1960's), a developer named N.E. Isaacson used this "seclusion" that Millsville had to offer as a genesis for a new community. This
community was to be called "Sugar Springs" and it entailed a 4000 acre complex, with 1000 acres of lakes (780 in Lake Lancer, 230 in Lancelot) and 3200 plotted
acres. It was promoted as "The Best Kept secret in Michigan" and the beautiful country that encompasses it haslead to it's unprecedent growth 30 years on.

For amenities, Sugar Springs offers an 18-hole golf course (Jerry Mathews designed Championship Golf Course). Sugar Springs also offers several beach clubs
around the lakes. Some of these areas have restrooms, showers, swimming, picnic areas and boat launches. There is also a campground with chalet and bathrooms.
Next to the chalet, is an area for sledding during the winter months, trails and an achery area.

Sugar Springs also has approximately 200 boat slips that they rent out on a yearly basis to it's members. Fishermen enjoy the vast amounts of Bass, Pike, Perch and
Walleye in both lakes.

The focal point for social activities is the Sugar Springs Club House. Here, the restaurant and pub play host to some deliciously fun times for all. Also a 28x82 foot
indoor heated pool, provided exercise and enjoyment all year round.

Perhaps the greatest amenity Sugar Springs has to offer is the undeveloped wilderness with approximately 1000 acres of natural area. Sugar Springs will always help
preserve the seclusion that Millsville had and made Sugar Springs an "Up North" community.

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